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I am thrilled to be participating in the Athenaeum Invitational, an upcoming show at the Athenaeum in Old Town, Alexandria. The exhibit theme is inspired by the Cole Porter song from the 1930’s, “Don’t Fence Me In,” a heartfelt and sentimental paean to the great expanses of the wild west. I am lucky enough to be among the artists invited to participate in this great show celebrating the American West!

The Athenaeum is a historic venue in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria and home to the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association. The building is a gorgeous example of classical revival architecture, and it is well worth a visit! It is open Thurs. – Sun. afternoons.

The show will run from Sep 10 through Oct 25, 2015, with a reception on Sunday, September 13 at 4pm. It is sure to be interesting to see how all the other artists interpreted the "Don't Fence Me In" theme!

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