"Viveiros' s paintings sparkle with an Italian Renaissance sense of order and clarity."

-Roy Proctor, Special Correspondent, Richmond Times-Dispatch

"...evocative and very beautifully executed..."

-Marla R., gallery owner

"I love your work..."

-Danielle Steel, Novelist

"...her relaxed style and painterly proficiency produce pure escapist fantasy."

-Paulette Roberts-Pullen, Style Magazine

"They are my kind of paintings... truly beautiful!"

-Ross M., photographer and media company founder

"For me, Kazaan's paintings are a connection to the magic and wonder of the natural world. Every day, when I look at her work in my home, I am reminded that I am not merely an observer, but a participant in the natural order of things."

-Anne M.

"...cerebral paintings of an inner world..."

-Maura Singleton, UVa Alumni News Magazine

"...Absolutely gorgeous!"

-Ursula W., interior designer

"Viveiros's paintings combine the hand of a trained draftsman with the mind of an intellectual storyteller."

-Trudy L., gallery owner