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"Viveiros' s paintings sparkle with an Italian Renaissance sense of order and clarity."

-Roy Proctor, Special Correspondent, Richmond Times-Dispatch


"As an artist, Kazaan was extraordinary to work with! I came upon her work at a time when I wasn't even in the market for art. Her paintings caused me to pause at first glance and drew me right in. She explained I could commission her to paint a scene in the size I wanted... and so I did! I asked Kazaan to paint a vista where my husband and I love to go. She kept me informed throughout the process. Kazaan is the perfect combination of amazingly talented and super professional. The finished piece made my heart flutter and now beautifully elevates a space in my home. I am so grateful to have an original Kazaan Viveiros painting in our home, and I'm really happy that the effortless process allows me to feel good every time I look at our lovely and inviting painting."

-Fiona Bradshaw, Coldwell Banker Realty

"For me, Kazaan's paintings are a connection to the magic and wonder of the natural world. Every day, when I look at her work in my home, I am reminded that I am not merely an observer, but a participant in the natural order of things."

-Anne Metz

"...her relaxed style and painterly proficiency produce pure escapist fantasy."

-Paulette Roberts-Pullen, Style Magazine

"...evocative and very beautifully executed..."

-Marla R., gallery owner

"I love your work..."

-Danielle Steel, Novelist

"They are my kind of paintings... truly beautiful!"

-Ross M., photographer and media company founder

"...cerebral paintings of an inner world..."

-Maura Singleton, UVa Alumni News Magazine

"...Absolutely gorgeous!"

-Ursula W., interior designer

"Viveiros's paintings combine the hand of a trained draftsman with the mind of an intellectual storyteller."

-Trudy L., gallery owner

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