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"All nature is linked together by invisible bonds . . . "

~George Perkins Marsh, Man and Nature

"Nature,  . . . seems increasingly better understood . . . not as a single gleaming snow peak or a tumbling river in which we might find redemption, but rather as an assemblage of entanglements of which we are messily part."

~ Robert Macfarlane, Underland


My paintings incorporate invention and observation, mind and matter. The work is diverse. Some works focus on marine life or the complex lives of trees. Some focus on the roles wild animals play in human lives—as symbols of culture, agents of nature, or casualties of human development. The Brighten Up, Passages, and Earth / Process series use geometry to reference varied natural phenomena, evolution, and ecological systems. Each project I’ve pursued reflects an aspect of my core interests—each has involved the same philosophy and world view. My focus is on the human connection to the natural world, the point of intersection between man and environment; the idea that we are part of, not apart from, Nature; that the difference between humans and other species is one of degree, not kind; that we are connected to all life in a continuum; that there is an underlying pattern and flow to all things; that landscape can be transformative; that we should learn from nature, not commodify it; that you can see the macrocosm in the microcosm—the universe in a single leaf; that, as designer Charles Eames said, "Eventually, everything connects."

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