"All nature is linked together by invisible bonds . . . "

~George Perkins Marsh, Man and Nature

"Nature,  . . . seems increasingly better understood . . . not as a single gleaming snow peak or a tumbling river in which we might find redemption, but rather as an assemblage of entanglements of which we are messily part."

~ Robert Macfarlane, Underland

Artist Statement

My paintings explore the intersection between the environment and our experience of it. I’m interested in how we affect and are affected by environmental changes, endangered species, evolution, competition, sustainability. I approach these themes from diverse angles made manifest in several distinct bodies of work. Some works focus on marine life or the complex lives of trees. Some focus on the roles animals play in human lives—as symbols of culture, agents of nature, casualties of human development, raw material for designer goods, food, or trophies. The Passages series translates these themes into geometry, referencing varied natural phenomena, ecology, and natural and designed systems. My process is intuitive—the external world is filtered through a personal lens. Representative works reveal strong connections between creativity and the mechanisms of nature, human and animal consciousness, and mental state and environment.