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Steamroller Gallery, an artist-led cooperative space in Frenchtown, NJ, was founded in 1996 by and for artists living along the Delaware River, between New York and Philadelphia. It was a place where artists could share progressive ideas with like-minded colleagues and exhibit work that engaged in conversation with the larger art world and local community.

The new artist collective Steamroller Group was formed in the Delaware River Valley in 2022, paying homage to the legacy of the original community run gallery in support of artists and the art-making endeavor. Steamroller Group aims to lift the profile and enrich the studio practice of each of its member artists by exhibiting work collectively, exploring collaborative art making projects, sharing resources, exchanging ideas, and creating opportunities to engage with a community of art collectors, arts organizations, and art enthusiasts otherwise inaccessible to each member artist individually.

Through topics of environmental and community stewardship, Steamroller Group seeks to foster a living dialogue among artists and provide a supportive atmosphere in service of creating artwork that speaks to the relevant issues of our time.

Steamroller Group is: Val Sivilli, Susan Mania, Kazaan Viveiros, Christina Mackinnon, Bonnie Berkowitz, and Cay Maria Adams.

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