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Environmental Poster design by Kazaan Viveiros
Environmental Climate Change Poster Design by Kazaan Viveiros


I designed the posters above after I heard a presentation at Northern Virginia Community College about Bill McKibben and his movement. The significance of the number 350 refers to climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists suggest we reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.


Each poster takes a different approach to creating an eye-catching image that raises awareness of climate change and its consequences. The image of the earth superimposed on a skull was inspired by an image I saw at a film I attended at National Geographic. The image of a young boy with the planet superimposed on his face formed the backdrop to the introductory presentation, and I found it extremely effective. I chose the skull for visual impact. A skull is a foreboding image and elicits a dramatic response—such a disturbing image seemed well suited to convey the deadly effects of climate change. 


The red zero is equally bold and extremely simple. The red and black offer a dramatic color scheme for maximum graphic punch.  I made each choice in an attempt to keep things simple, yet strong to convey a   clear message. 

Typography Poster Design by Kazaan Viveiros


This poster was an assignment for a class in typography. I chose Adobe Caslon as my subject for its elegant architectural qualities, and I used a blueprint motif. Since the poster highlights the anatomy and building blocks of letterforms within the typeface, the blueprint seemed an appropriate platform. The color scheme is a basic, minimal white on blue.  I selected the particular shade of Pantone blue for its richness and intensity and because it mimics the blue of a blueprint.  The background also has gridlines with circles at the intersections to reference architectural renderings.  The main focus of the composition rests with the oversized letter—a giant Q, which follows a graceful curve as it advances off the page.

Poster Design for Kevin Blythe photography exhibit by Kazaan Viveiros


This poster was designed to advertise an exhibit of crow photographs by photographer, Kevin Blythe. The show took place at Cassis Restaurant on Water Street in Charlottesville, VA, and the poster was posted in the window of the restaurant and around town, as well as in local news publications advertising the exhibit. A thin, light font was used to complement the spare imagery, creating a quiet, elegant feel to match the beautiful, solemn images in the photographs. 


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